Tudor Grange re-joining procedure

As you all know with the current steps in place we will be able to start reopening dojo’s, however the classes will be different to start with as no contact is allowed so just basic movements and weapons will be the class format.

Before entering the dojo to train I have to follow the procedure laid out by our governing body the JAC.

This will involve completion of an indemnity form which will be held as a rolling document for each week you train.

You will also have to re-apply for membership.

Both of these forms are linked below and must be with me before entering the dojo.

If you cannot send them completed via email, a clear picture of the forms will be ok.

With regard to membership this has been reduced for a limited time as we are not up and running fully yet.

This will then get you on the register for the class for which I have to take each week. This is where I will ask on each class if you have symptoms or been in contact with someone with that has symptoms.

I have managed to keep the prices as low as I could for the last 4yrs but unfortunately I have had to increase the fees for classes an extra pound as the centre has now put their fees up.

Revised fees listed below.

Again to reduce chance of infection I have gone to paying online via bank transfer.

Below is the on line payment details and the forms I’ll need before starting as mentioned.

Bank details to pay online

Important is to put in your name(s) in the reference part or i will think you haven’t paid and to pay on the Monday night before or after as I will check Tuesday night.

Name of account   Tudor Grange Central Aikikai

Account no          03489665

sort code              30-96-12

Reference          (Name(s) of student(s))

First Junior class £5 class fee and £5 membership fee total £10

Second junior class £5 class fee.

Class starts 6-7pm on Mondays

First Adults class £6 class fee and £15 membership fee total £21

Second Adult class £6 class fee.

Class starts 7-8pm on Mondays

There will be a Monthly payment  for adults available from June at £22.50 per month which will include gradual payment of next year’s membership and classes for that month.

As no mats are allowed yet you can train in either your Gi or sports wear allowing you eae of movement.

You will also need weapons such as Boken and Jo on the night.

See Equipment list  

Any issues please be InTouch.

Centre Proceedure

Indemnity Form

Membership form

Equipement list

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