Beginners Aikido


Juniors.    Teenagers.        Adults.

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Adults are £6 employed £5 unemployed

Juniors are £5

Paided each night


Monday Solihull 6-9pm

Wednesday Kingsheath 7.30-9.30pm

Thursday Kingsheath 6.30-9.30pm

Please turn up15 mins before class for introduction.


Cocksmoors Aikido (Kingsheath)

Tudor Grange Aikido (Solihull)


After 4 weeks you will then be asked pay for membership


Ideal to wear sports clothing for ease of movement so sports trousers that cover the knees and T-shirt are ideal. As we do it on mats foot wear will not be required.

Any other questions please do get intouch if not answered due to work commitment/classes on at time please leave a message and we will get back.

Kingsheath 0775 448 0805

Solihull tel 0775 971 1370

About Aikido

Example of class format


1st week

rolls basic movements to receive from techniques sumiotoshi uchikaitenage break the grip kotegashi.

Nikkyo from aihami and gakuhanmi then from future dori.

2nd week

Recap last weeks

Kata tenchinage, kokyuho, uchikaitenage, shionage. Ryokatadori ushiro kokyunage and aki drop.

Hair grab take to floor

3rd week

Kubijimi sankyo iriminage kotegashi

Kata eri dori ikkyo

Hug around shoulder atemi then sankyo

4th week

Tanto to throat udigaraminage.

Weeks might vary with different people attending the night.


Using of 6th kyu syllabus

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