What is Traditional Aikido?

Traditional Aikido is a Japanese Martial Art. It is the most effective form of self-defence taught today.

This is due to the fact that it has no set rules and may therefore, be practiced in a realistic way, with or without weapons.

Another important aspect is its versatility, which allows it to be practised by students in the form they wish to learn.

Traditional Aikido works by allowing an attacker’s own weight and strength to disable and throw them

British Birankai

The dojo is affiliated to the British Birankai was under the technical direction of Master Chiba Sensei.

 Cocks Moors Woods Aikido Dojo

Cocks Moors is a strong dojo with many students and is recognised for its quality and high standards. Classes have been running here since the Centre opened.

All instructors in the club are Dan graded, with excellent technical ability. They are DBS checked and have nationally recognised Coaching Qualifications.

Tudor Grange Aikido Dojo

The dojo has now been going since 2000 and is achieving what it was set out for.

The dojo was started to bring the same quality of CMW dojo to the Solihull area at a beginner stage. Here the instructors teach with high clarity and show technical abilities for beginners to understand at a lower level.

  With the dojo’s high standards and quality you will gain excellent fitness and self-confidence giving a feeling of wellbeing whilst also gaining the ability to defend your self should you need to.

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