Monday (Solihull)

junior 6pm-7pm

Adult 7pm-8.30pm

Wednesday (Kingsheath)

Junior 7.30pm-8.30pm

Adult 7.30pm-8.30pm

Thursday (Kingsheath)

junior 6.15pm-7.15pm

Adult 7.30pm-8.30pm


(Except National Holiday’s)   


To join in all you need is tracksuit bottoms and a tshirt to join in.

 Juniors            6 – 7 pm    (held in the sports hall)

   This class is for juniors of 7yrs upwards. In the class you will be practicing with other children of the same sort of age learning basic moves to help put that person down on to the floor. Depending on the amount of practice you do you can go for a grading under the instructors approval. The grading system lets you know what level you are at with the practice you have put in. Juniors start off with stripes towards a grade and when all stipes have been awarded a belt will be given as well as a certificate.

The best thing about the class is the fun and confidence you gain from it. All instructors are CRB checked and first aid trained.

Want to see what fun we get up to.

  Beginners class   7 – 8.30 pm  (held in the sports hall) 

This class is for students 11yrs upwards. This is  seperated class where  a adult and junior beginner class is taught. This class you will be taught basic movements to be able to disarm a persons attack with or without a weapon. Depending on the amount of practice you do you will be asked to grade. The gradings will let you know what level you are at. Anyone under the age of 18yrs will hold a coloured belt where as all adults will have a white belt untill blackbelt. People that have graded will be known as kyu grades untill you are a dan grade and you will know what level you are at with the kyu grade you are at with lower the number been higher. This class is great for getting fit and confident whilst also learning self defence which is what aikido gives you.

This is also an ideal oppurtunity to for Duke of Edingburgh Award skill or fitness.

 General class     8.30 -9.30 pm   (Held in the sports hall)

This class is for all adult students of all grades and we usually have weapons during this class to the level of the students who are on the mat.

 Price per night    Juniors £4    Adults £5

 Other classes are also availible throughtout the week.

 Cocks Moors Woods , Kings Heath Wednesday and Thursday.

 Ei Oh Kan South Yardley Tuesday and Friday.

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