Returning to the dojo

To return to the dojo there is a proceedure that we have to follow.

Below forms will need to be filled in.

1 student Indemnity form

2 Membership form

Proceedure when at the centres before,during and after class


  • Participants will have precompleted a Covid declaration – already submitted, and attendance will be recorded as per centre guidance to fulfil obligations with track and trace.
  • Class payments will be taken electronically, preferably prior to the class to minimise transmission risk.
  • Participants will be informed to attend changed and to comply with centre guidance on entry, including wearing mask until entry.
  • Spectators will not be admitted and parents will be asked to leave children at the door maintaining social distancing.
  • Students will be allocated a place for possessions and directed to their allocated part of the room for the duration of the class.


  • Adequate space will be allowed between participants to allow approach to and from their possessions or toilet facilities whilst maintaining social distancing.
  • Classes will be in line with guidance set out in Phase 0 of the guidance for martial arts and combative sports on the .gov website. Coaching distancing will be in line with this guidance also.
  • Equipment will be used solely on an individual basis, preferably self-supplied, and cleaned as set out in the risk assessment.


  • Participants will leave from the exterior door if possible to minimise contact with other centre users in line with safeguarding guidance already used by the club.  This can be managed with U16 participants waiting in their equipment area.
  • Participants will be encouraged to wash hands/ sanitise on exit in line with government guidance.
  • Room will be cleaned within booking obligations set out in the SLA to prevent duplication of the leisure centre obligations and easing transition between classes following the club booking.

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